Manufacturing kitchen elements is our core business at Atelier de St Paul. Imagining, designing and installing bespoke kitchens in a range of styles—traditional, contemporary or modern—is what we do every day. Our kitchens are all custom-built, and each perfectly fitted element stands as proof of our meticulous attention to quality.

The kitchen is the hearth of the home, a place for gathering, for savoring life. We never forget that beyond the design and style, the kitchen must be functional.

Kitchens: Where the Details Count

We attach incredible importance to the details: from the layout of interiors, organization of spaces, ergonomics of elements, to the selection of materials. Creating one-of-a-kind designs allow us to manufacture unique cabinets in specific sizes and styles with the highest level of quality. We also offer a broad selection of materials. Atelier de St Paul designers create bold, original effects with unbridled creativity.