Our Heritage

The tradition of French cabinetmaking…

Far removed from impersonal mass-produced kitchens, Atelier de St Paul creations are steeped in the long traditions of French cabinetmaking.
The craftsman’s work-worn hands lie at the heart of our expertise.
This heritage lives on in every handcrafted interior we make, and in the knowledge and skills we pass on to future generations of fine craftsmen.

We pursue excellence with a passion day in and day out, and the result of those efforts can be found in the quality of our kitchens.

Our Approach

Timeless and Hightech materials

Atelier de St Paul approaches every design with a spirit of creativity and a passion for innovation which are channeled into creating inspiring designs and turning out impeccably crafted pieces.

We readily play with the codes of interior design and bring high tech industrial materials such as carbon fiber into our creations.

Beyond being at the cutting edge, we nurture long-term relationships with our suppliers in order to guarantee provision of first rate materials and services for our clients’ projects.


The Atelier de St Paul Workshop

Atelier de St Paul produces its pieces in a small workshop where expertise and experience are passed down from generation to generation. This place brings together the distinguished heritage of traditional French cabinetmaking and the high precision tools and techniques of modern carpentry.